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Mission Statement

Providing agriculture with affordable, all natural, yield enhancing products. These products include C-Gro sea minerals with ORMUS, worm-casting brewed compost tea and pathogen free composting products.

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C-Gro is an all natural soil amendment extracted from seawater that contains critical nutrients, presently absent in soils.  A balanced application of these elements into the soil will reduce plant disease, accelerate plant maturation and increase production.

C-Gro has a rich history of successfully completing pilot projects and field applications on the majority of crops grown in the soils in the Northwestern United States. 

C-Gro is a natural soil amendment extracted from seawater by a patented process. C-Gro includes virtually all of the elements found in ocean water except some gases and the majority of sodium.
As an all natural soil amendment, C-Gro works well in the soil with your current fertilization program.
When C-Gro is placed into the soil with fertilizer, it provides a completely balanced energy medium in which plants grow with less disease and achieve significant production increases.

Examples of these production increases are cited under FAQ-Research Statistics.


Sea Energy for Plants and Animals

Chemical analysis of seawater reveals that it is 3.5% solids comprising all the natural elements of the atomic table with the possible exception of some gases. 

Because of past farming practices that strip the soil of many critical elements, more than 50% of these life sustaining elements are absent from our soils allowing environmental stresses to reduce the production potential of plants. 

Our research and field tests confirm that C-Gro treated soils produce crops that are lower in disease and mature earlier with higher yields than untreated crops.