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Field Studies & Results

Proven with Research

C-Gro provides a healthier production balance in the soil for plants.  Current field testing results have proven just what Dr. Murray found in his experimentations for healthy plants and increased production. In conjunction with the normal fertilization programs in farming, the C-Gro product provides the necessary elements in the soil environment to enable the plant to reach its full genetic potential.

Formulated from seawater through a patented process, C-Gro contains all the elements of the atomic table with the exception of several gases. More than 50 percent of these life-sustaining elements are absent from our soils, allowing environmental stresses to reduce the production potential of plants. C-Gro restores this balance. 

C-Gro crops mature earlier, are lower in disease and produce higher yields than untreated crops.


What does C-Gro do in the plant?

Lab tests have provided evidence that plants (crops) grow without certain essential nutrients throughout their development. Subsequently, producers constantly try to play “catch up” for plant nutrient deficiencies by applying foliar additives during the plant’s growth cycle. C-Gro has over 80 elements in natural form; “a buffet”, of nutrients that when applied into the soil at the beginning of the season provide a healthy soil environment throughout the plant's life. 

There is also evidence that systemic responses of plants may depend on electrochemical hydraulic controls operating at the cellular level. C-Gro’s patented process stimulates organic reproduction so systemic responses can flourish through liquid crystal memory. This process accelerates, into the plant, the missing nutrients required for healthy cell development during its entire growth cycle, from germination to fruit production. 

The C-Gro result is greater assimilation of energy from balanced nutrition, dramatically increasing production while strengthening the plant’s immune system to ward off predators. 

Today’s soil scientist’s realize that the large commercial farmer, specializing in one or two crops using only a commercial chemical fertilizer program, is reducing the soil’s ability to keep the plant healthy, regenerate itself and produce acceptable yields.   

If this continues, soil will progressively lose its ability to sustain healthy and profitable crop production. In addition, we believe that C-Gro will substantially reduce the impact of new diseases that continue to plague the agriculture business.

C-Gro’s focus is to make available our product to all plant growers and open the door for a provocative reversal in the decline of production, human health and nutritional life in the United States. 

Improving plant health, through this science and technology, C-Gro will promote “Sea Energy for Agriculture”. This product will reverse the lost nutritional value of soils and crops in the U.S. by improving both consumer health and the income of the farm business.