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Specifics and Regulations

C-Gro recommends a soil application  for maximizing production results.  
Garden produce: use 2 gallons per acre C-Gro concentrate in soil with normal fertilization. 
    Small Application Rate Formula: 
         length of row (ft)   X   width between rows (ft) 
                            divided by 
        43,560 (sq ft/acre)   X  oz/acre (128 oz/gallon) 
        100 ft  X  4 ft = 400 ft 
        400 divided by 43,560 = 0.00918  X  256 (2 gal) = 2.35 oz/seed row 
    Mix 1 part C-Gro to at least 4 parts water. 

Medium size trees (size 3-6 feet): use 4 oz C-Gro per tree with normal fertilization not to exceed 6 gallons per acre. 

Large trees (size 6-12 feet): use 6 oz C-Gro per tree with normal fertilization not to exceed 6 gallons per acre. 

Potatoes: 3 gallons C-Gro per acre with normal fertilization. 

Row & Specialty Crops (Hops, corn, grass seed, onions, alfalfa): 2 gallons C-Gro per acre. 

Cereal Grains: 1 ¼ gallons C-Gro concentrate per acre in soil for irrigation application or 1 gallon C-Gro concentrate per acre in dryland application placed either in seed row (recommended) or soil applicator using normal fertilization. 

House or Outdoor plants: ¼ Tsp C-Gro (8-10 drops) for small plants with normal fertilization. ½ tsp C-Gro (15 drops) per medium size plant using normal fertilization. 

Calculations: 2 drops per sq ft or 0.1ml = 1 gallon of liquid per acre (591 drops = 1 oz). 

Spray:Mix: 1 ¾ oz C-Gro per gallon of water for foliar application (misting the leaves of the plant) with normal fertilization. Repeat in 3 weeks. A minimum of 2 applications per season is recommended.

Compost Tea applications: 1 ounce per 20 sq ft; four (4) times per year.


Product Handling Suggestions

C-Gro concentrate by itself will settle out a precipitate. Agitation is required if left standing for more than ½ hour. Settling time increases the more it is diluted with water. Avoid setting product in direct sunlight or next to electrical devices which reduces its effectiveness. 

C-Gro readily mixes with water and some liquid fertilizers (if fertilizer mixes are applied immediately). Delayed application may cause a ‘settling out’ of nutrients. 

Application with herbicides is prohibited. Application with herbicides enhances the effectiveness of the chemical and will cause damage to crop plants. 

C-Gro, Inc has determined that a seed row application of the product at time of planting produces the optimum results for a high percentage of plant germinations and seedling vigor. 

Foliar application of C-Gro requires more than one application per season. Use 1.75 ounces per gallon of water. Mist leaves at three week intervals. 

In soil applications, a more even distribution of product occurs if 1 gallon of C-Gro concentrate is diluted in no less than 2 gallons of water. 

When applying C-Gro in a water application (circle irrigation), calibrate carefully the travel speed of the circle for an accurate application rate. Apply early in the watering cycle as the plants will be more active in their uptake of C-Gro. 

The producer’s normal nitrogen fertilization rates are recommended in addition to the product application. 

If you need any further information please contact a company official.