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Research Statistics

New production information will be posted monthly on net harvest comparisons of the 
C-Gro crops versus the control (untreated) crops.

Canteloupe in Arizona

An Arizona field was split into two parcels of 35 acres each.  Cantaloupe was seeded in both fields using normal fertilization practices.  C-Gro was applied to the irrigation water of one field at 2 gallons per acre.  The size and quantity of the C-Gro treated field exceeded the untreated field.

                                           Control                                 C-Gro Treated Cantaloupe

  Yield                     1013 boxes per acre                       1208 boxes per acre

                               (average size: 12 per box)              (average size:  9 per box)

Apple Production in Washington State

An application comparison was conducted in 2004 and 2005 in an orchard of Delicious Apples grown using an organic environment.  Some supplemental nitrogen was used in all blocs of the orchard with equal acreage.  C-Gro was applied to the same bloc in the orchard in 2004 and 2005.  The rate of C-Gro applied was 4 gallons per acre using a surface application on wet soils over 60 days prior to tree bloom.

                         Organic Bloc Production                                 Organic Bloc Plus C-Gro Production

2004                             613 boxes                                                    878 boxes  (30% increase)

2005                             589 boxes                                                    858 boxes  (31% increase)